Polish secondary market of typewriters can be interesting...

... probably you will be able to see here some of the types and models you have never seen before. Easiest is watching using internet auction system - please use that link to search typewriters available at Allegro - the most (and only) important polish internet auction system owned by QXL from England.

Disclaimer I publish that link only for informational purposes, I am not granted, sponsored or asked by anybody to do that! I cannot help you any way in finalising the transaction if you decide to buy any of the presented items, or take any responsibility for your participation in any auction!

Before you decide to buy anything of listed goods please remember:
  • check the currency, currently (May 2003) 1 Euro is worth around 4 PLN
  • almost every auction are claused "shipment is paid by buyer". Note that shipment of heavy objects (like typewriter) can be expensive
  • Polish law require that every object made before 1945 can be exported only under special licence from Ministry of Culture. Lot of people neglect it, but such a parcel can be "arrested" and both sides can have law problems.
  • there's no possibility to receive payment by Credit / Debit Card by non-company seller in Poland.
  • before biding you have to register at Allegro. Yhey have checking procedure using letter so it is time consuming.
  • I can help you translating desription, procedures etc. from Polish into English. Please send me text for translation in e-mail - no links ,please. Since I am rather busy please give me some days to answer.

    Last update: 21.05.2003