Typewriters found (and catched) at unexpected places

Typewriters at Zyzdrój lake

More often the interior designors use the objects made in the first half of XX century to made the specific character of the pubs, bars and other places.
I was very surprised coming to my company integration meeting to (really very nice) centre over Zyzdrój lake (Mazury) when I have found four typewriters made in Germany before II w.w. used as decoration items. To watch the full size photo just click on small pictures below:

Orga - Privat Triumph Erika 5.
Portable typewriter
made by
Seidel & Naumann
in 1928-32.
In 2004
I've visited
Zyzdroj second
time. In the
meantime Rheinmetall
has came...

Peter's typewriter

This Mercedes was found and photographed by my colleague from work Peter at his father in low house. Viele danke, Peter! To see full size photo click on the picture below:


Per Elisa...

Elisa has at her house beautiful Rheinita by Rheinmetall made in late twenties.
She agreed to make some photos. To see it's in real good resolution (200x1500) click on the picture and relax waiting when photo is loading... Best regards for Elisa and Her Husband!